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Favorite Photos of 2014

Holy cow, I’ve taken a lot of photographs this year. Photos I think are good make it onto this blog in one way or another. The ones I’ve showcased here are the best of those, shots that I am immensely proud of. All I need now clickbait-y title and it’d be perfect fodder for buzzfeed!

Introduction to Taipei

Visiting Taipei after a week in Japan is like going to Six Flags after a week at Disneyland. Not as much magic, but the rides will blow you away.


The shinkansen is probably the Japanese technological achievement of which I am most jealous. Other than giant building-sized robots that can beat up Godzilla.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo is a massive consumer of seafood. Only a few tourists every day have the opportunity to see the tuna auctions, and I was determined to be one of them.
This post does feature fish parts as a central theme, so if you’re squeamish, vegan, or otherwise opposed to seeing said fish parts, maybe it’s best if you wait for the next post.