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We’ve heard from several folks that the Funkin’Around blog is the first they’ve ever read, which is humbling, and Nick and I both appreciate all the lovely feedback we’ve received.

Since this is also our first time writing for an audience, there’s been a pretty steep learning curve, so at least we’re all in this together!

I thought it might be helpful to explain some of the functionality of the site – if you’ve already figured this stuff out this post will be a little boring, but will hopefully be helpful for the beginners.

To start off with, Facebook and Twitter are automagically updated whenever there is a new post, but you can also visit the blog directly at any time by going to (save it as a bookmark by pressing “CRTL and D” on a PC or “? + D” on a Mac).  The five most recent posts will be on the main page.

Each post has the date, the comments made so far, and the title in gray at the top:

If you want to view the post “in depth” or make a comment, move your mouse over the title so that the text changes color:

At the bottom of each post are two little buttons (the technical term is “widgets”).

The bottom one is a simple “Like” button that you can use if you are signed in to your Facebook account – it works the same way as if you were liking a post or comment on Facebook.

The top widget allows you to “Share” or “Email” the post using pretty much any service you can think of! This will open a link in a new tab or window that should make it pretty easy for you.

The commenting area is at the bottom of each post.  Any comments that other people have made will be there, and you can “Reply” to anyone.  You can also “Leave a Reply” by putting your info in the boxes:

I am the only one who can see your email, and don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up immediately.  We get A LOT of spam (junk mail) on the blog, so I have it set to where I have to review and approve the first two comments someone makes.  If you’ve changed computers or email addresses it might take a bit for me to do the administrative part, so don’t panic!

At the very bottom of each post is a navigational section where you can easily go to other posts – just click on the bolded text to move forwards or backwards!

At the very bottom of the page is a “footer” – this lists the titles of the most recent posts ( “Just In”), the various “Themes” (or categories) of the blog, and also has a section where you can “Search” the blog or look at the “Archives” by month.

The “Themes” section allows you to search for all posts in a particular category.  So if, for example, you wanted to read all the posts “Written by Nick!” (which you do, because he’s hilarious), you would just move your mouse over that category, which will turn the text to blue:

 You might also see a yellow box that tells you how many posts are in that category (in this case, 5), but I think that depends on your browser.  Once you click on a Theme, you’ll see all the posts filed under that theme:

The themes for each post are also listed at the top of each entry, under the date:

If you’d like, you can read all the posts in a particular category by clicking on one of the words:

Whew!  Hopefully that is helpful to some of you!  Please let us know in the comments how else we can help, or what other functionality you’d like (ie, I’d love to be able to send a weekly email with recent posts, but my tech support is off watching school bus races).

Thank you so much for reading and sharing our blog!

P.S. Since this was a pretty boring post, here is a gratuitous Brendle photo:

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