Buona Giornata, Ortigia

After Rome, we came back to Sicily for our last few travel days. Before we left, we wanted to scratch one more thing off of our list:

Ortigia, looking South

One more visit to Ortigia.

The Ionian Sea

Our Sicilian adventure started here, and it seemed fitting that it should end here as well. We wanted to see an Ortigian puppet show – which I’ll write about in another post – but mostly it was nice to visit the little town that started it all.

Not a lot going on down here. But up there…

It has only been two years, so not much could be expected to have changed. Nor did it. It’s much the same as we left it back in 2012. Being almost summer, there are more tourists out, but it’s still the same sleepy port town I remembered.


The laundry still hung from the balconies.


The children still kicked the soccer ball against the cathedral built out of a thousands-of-years old Greek temple.

With some help from Grandpa

The men still stood around with not a care in the world.

Throwing bread to ducks and geese in Fonte Aretusa

The sky still shone an unbelievable blue.


The sandstone glowed with a warmth and radiance unlike anywhere else.

Piazza Duomo, with the Cathedral of Santa Lucia, Ortigia’s patron saint

And the ocean? As clear as could be.

Hey look! Rocks.

The island is small, so we walked all over, grabbed some gelato, and watched the people meander through the square.


When you’re on an island, your clocks don’t need hands

I can’t help but think about how lucky I am to have been able to come here, to live here.

Looks like Spiderman was celebrating Cinque di Maggio a little late

And of course, it wouldn’t be Sicily without some activities that would make our mothers cringe:

No helmets…
…nor seatbelts

A fitting last stop in the land where people truly know how to live life.

An intrepid sunbather, catching the last rays of the day
Self portrait, in shadow

Goodbye, Sicily. We love you!

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