In Case Monkey

Getting to Malaysia was no problem. After leaving Hong Kong, we flew directly to Kuala Lumpur, and then another short hop to the island of Langkawi to stick our toes in the sand for a day or two.

Our hotel beach, overlooking the Andaman Sea

What a place this is!

A view of the hotel

Langkawi is an island just off the West coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea near the border with Thailand. It reminds me a bit of Hawaii with the lush vegetation and all the beachfront resorts. However, it’s welcoming of tourism without being “touristy”.

More beach

It feels very real here, if that makes any sense. That’s a weird thing to type under a picture of a tropical island.

If this is “hotel” jungle, it’s hard to imagine just how dense actual jungle might be
A rainy morning makes for some soggy plants

It’s hard to tell if the hotel is encroaching on the jungle, or if the jungle is encroaching on the hotel.

Fan palms

That feeling is compounded by all the wildlife. Our hotel is on the North side of the island, opposite the airport and most of the population. It’s definitely in the jungle. On check in, we were told to keep the windows and doors locked – not just shut – “in case monkey”.

We were in our room for maybe an hour until we saw why:

Don’t waste your time on those, potato chips are empty calories!

A monkey had gotten in to the room above us and stolen all the chips. With a bang and a crash, he grabbed more and ran off, the hotel staff chasing after him.

Later, we went to the spa for a massage, and were presented with tea and a slingshot, “in case monkey”.

I guess I’ll serve him tea before I shoot him

As we walked back to the hotel, we happened to look up and see twenty or so of them sitting on the wall, well above us. They looked at us, disinterested, and turned their attention back whatever it was in the jungle they were focused on.

Hi there!

There’s plenty more here apart from the monkeys. Tiny crabs come out of their holes in the surf and roll balls of sand in fun patterns.

This crab is taking out the trash. Seriously, they eat the bacteria off the sand, rolling up the parts they don’t want and taking the balls outside.

Giant squirrels jump from tree to tree, dropping nuts on the ground to crack them.

Yes, they really are called “giant squirrels”

The beaches are beautiful, with seawater as warm as a hot tub. It’s about 85 and 100% humidity here, so that’s far too warm for me.

The land in the far background is Thailand
Looks like a nice spot for a good think

The food here is wonderful. We’ve stuck with Malay cuisine, which its delicious meats and curries.

Lamb chops, in a boat!

When we got back to the pool this morning to pack for the next stage of our trip, there was a monkey rattling the back door, trying to get in to our mini bar. I ran and grabbed the camera while Tiff tapped on the glass to get his attention.

Clearly he’s a fan of Malaysian food as well

He gave up, and sat on our patio chairs instead.


So while Langkawi has been a very relaxing – and sometimes exciting – stop, I’m ready for the big city now. Bring on Kuala Lumpur!

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