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I’m jumping in the wayback machine for a bit. When we last were in Sicily, our cousin Heather came out to visit us. On the way back, we stopped in London for a few days. I wrote a series of posts of our time there, but I never got a chance to publish them since Jin’s wedding was so soon after we got back. Anyway, here they are, better late than never!

The Colosseum

The Roman Colosseum. What structure in Rome better exemplifies the awesome influence of the Roman Empire at the height of its power? There’s no more recognizable structure in all of Rome. Of course, we couldn’t miss it. Neither could anyone else. We made our way there the next day by …

Den Haag

So it’s tulip season. Tiff had the great idea that, since we’re in the neighborhood and since it’s springtime, we ought to …

Prague Castle

In our wanderings around Prague, we somehow ended up walking all the way up the hill to the castle above town. None of …