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Favorite Photos of 2014

Holy cow, I’ve taken a lot of photographs this year. Photos I think are good make it onto this blog in one way or another. The ones I’ve showcased here are the best of those, shots that I am immensely proud of. All I need now clickbait-y title and it’d be perfect fodder for buzzfeed!


The shinkansen is probably the Japanese technological achievement of which I am most jealous. Other than giant building-sized robots that can beat up Godzilla.

Tsukiji Fish Market

Tokyo is a massive consumer of seafood. Only a few tourists every day have the opportunity to see the tuna auctions, and I was determined to be one of them.
This post does feature fish parts as a central theme, so if you’re squeamish, vegan, or otherwise opposed to seeing said fish parts, maybe it’s best if you wait for the next post.


Our visit to Tokyo came with quite a few opportunities to be afraid of heights.