Diet Hong Kong

So I mentioned in my last post that we’re on our way to Malaysia, and our flight routing was not as simple as one might have been led to believe. Our first stop on the way was a short one: an overnight in Hong Kong.

A view of Hong Kong and the harbor from our hotel

Our approach into Hong Kong had views that were absolutely wonderful. Countless container ships – so large that they shouldn’t be able to float – criss-crossed between islands in the bay, wrapped in a blanket of humidity. Island after island was covered in massive towers, homes for hundreds, maybe thousands of people. Ships nestled between the islands, sheltered from the power of the sea. Clouds nestled between islands, sheltered from the power of the wind.

The Hong Kong side, across from Kowloon

Ferries skipped past them all, delivering passengers from one island to the next.

A junk, out for a harbor cruise. It was going pretty fast considering the size of its sails.

I was blown away by all the activity. Still more buildings under construction. What appears to be a bridge-tunnel across the bay is under construction, a barge at every pier, working. There’s no concept of saving work for later; every project is shovel-ready and there seems to be no shortage of shovels.

A very tall building on the waterfront across the bay, Kowloon

There’s clearly plenty of money here.

Hong Kong at night

As night fell, the city transformed into a spectacle of light. I’ve been told a few times that San Diego has a very “neon” skyline with all the lit-up buildings, but Hong Kong beats pretty much every city I’ve ever been to.

Kowloon at night, from our hotel

We arrived late in the day, and our flight was first thing in the morning. We were both exhausted, so we opted for the “diet” version and didn’t end up going into the city.

I hope that I’ll be able to return here some day. Based on the little bit I experienced, I think Hong Kong could be a pretty amazing place.

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