Getting to Peru: Anti-Nonstop

When we travel, our destinations are most often determined by where there happens to be a good deal on airfare. “Wanna go to xxxxx? I found a really good deal on flights!” is heard more often than “Good dog, Brendle” or “What should we have for dinner?” Well, maybe not really, but it does happen with some regularity.  We very nearly took a last-minute trip to Thailand, but it proved to be a bit too last minute, and we weren’t able to make it happen in time. I’m sure we’ll make it there eventually.  I have an inexplicable desire to hug a tiger.

When it comes to travel deals, however, what I’ve learned is that the destination is not nearly as important as the origin. When Tiff found tickets to Peru for practically free, my response was Awesome! Can we go see Machu Picchu?  It should have been Cool. From where?

For instance, in my head, when I hear “tickets to Peru” I think this:


Seems pretty reasonable, right?  However, fate had different ideas for me.


Tiff says, “Hey, that was pretty direct routing!”

The cheap fare was departing from Miami, and it was only $250. Trouble was, we had to get to Miami, and that only got us as far as Lima. What we ended up with was a triple-nested itinerary (three separate itineraries) to get us the whole way, for what ended up being $250 and some airline miles. This is why we ended up with an extra day in Miami for airboat rides.  About double the butt-in-seat time, but split over a few days and still a good deal.

Our flight from Atlanta to Lima was fairly uneventful. Many, many hours in coach, but at least it was 2+5+2 and we were on the side so we didn’t have to make friends with the poor guy sitting in the middle of the middle.  I got my aisle seat and Tiff her window, and we got to sit next to each other!  Everybody’s happy.

Over the years, Tiff and I have realized that when we want to see a movie, we wait for it and a few other good ones to come out on video and then we hop an international flight and knock them out all at once. We’ve seen lots of great movies this way: Iron Lady, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, even that Katy Perry movie. Okay, so maybe great’s relative.  For us, anyway, it’s created an entirely different category of movie watching: Buy, Rent, Skip, and See On Airplane. That last category is good for movies that you would prefer to watch when you have absolutely nothing else to do.

While most people slept, we chose to watch Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. This movie was so bad… SO BAD that it broke the bad-o-meter and looped all the way around to funny again. We laughed so hard that I was starting to worry that we were keeping people around us awake.

Oh well. Totally worth it.

So anyway, after our $250 movie, we landed in Lima very late at night and walked across the street from the airport to our hotel. We slept for a few hours before hopping on another plane to Cusco.

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