Haru Cooking School

So I was talking to my Dad about our trip to Japan last night, and he asked if we’d had the chance to eat Kobe beef while we were there.  That reminded me that I hadn’t written about the cooking class we went to in Kyoto (where we did, in fact, eat Kobe beef)!

As we were booking so last minute, our options were quite limited, but we were fortunate to be able to reserve a space at Haru Cooking School, which is run by the lovely Taro and Yoshiko.  They host the class in their home, which is fantastic, as you get to see how a normal family lives in Japan, and meet their adorable daughter Haruko (seriously, cutest toddler ever).

Taro met us at the nearest bus stop and we took a quick walk through the cozy Shimogamo neighborhood.

There were four other guests attending the class, and Yoshiko promptly served tea while Taro taught us a bit about Japanese cuisine, and the history of Kobe beef.  He even showed us the certificate from the butcher which lists the pedigree of the cow (and its noseprint!)

During the class we learned about the different types of soy sauce and Miso (who knew!), and prepared the following recipes:

Ichiban Dashi (Fish stock used as a base for most of the other recipes)

Miso Soup

Dashimki Tamago (Folded Japanese omelet)

Kinpira (Stir fried root vegetables – we used carrot and budock root, but I think that can vary)

Bamboo Shoots and Asparagus with Misodare (Miso dressing)

Sirloin Kobe Steaks with mushrooms and scallions

We had a great time during the class, and loved being able to ask questions about food, cooking, and Japan in general.  Taro is an excellent teacher, and if you’re interested in Japanese cooking and can’t visit him in Kyoto, he has many videos posted on his YouTube channel!

The final product was delicious!  More pictures in the gallery below!

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