Home is…

…where the dog hair is.

Some of those toys I haven’t seen in months. Now I know what happened to them.

We’ve been back in California for the past couple weeks. That’s given me plenty of time to get reacquainted with this nose:

This is Gertie. She likes naps, ball, and licking camera lenses.

This nose:

This is June. She’s a whole barrel of parties!

And this nose:

and Brendle. She’s a pro at eating bugs.

I’ve been getting back into the swing of things with work. Tiff also with her work.

What are you DOING with that THING you’re holding up to your FACE????

We have three months of mail to go through, complete with baby announcements, wedding invites, letters, correspondence, and most of all, junk mail. I’ve been pre-approved for more crap than I ever thought possible, and all I had to do was leave.

This doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Jeans are going in the dryer, which is nice because now they’ll fit again.

Our routine of cappuccino, prosciutto, and wine has been replaced with one of haircuts, dentist appointments, and oil changes.

And puppy snuggles in the sunshine!

The Internet is good here, so I’m having an easier time of writing and uploading pictures. I have a lot of adventures yet to write about! But, I wanted to jump in here and ruin your Thursday with cute puppy pictures.

Brendle knows how long I can be with the camera. The other two have much yet to learn.

Of all the things I miss when travelling, I think I missed these three things most of all 🙂

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