Hop In the Magic Galley

I love the magic galley. Every plane has one, especially US planes. What’s a magic galley, you ask? That’s the one where, as soon as you enter it, you become invisible and inaudible. It only works for flight attendants, though.

Frequently between boarding and taxi, flight attendants play peek-a-boo with the passengers, from the magic galley. Oftentimes, throughout the flight they share industry or – gasp! personal – gossip in the magic galley. It’s okay to talk about whatever you want, you’re in the magic galley.

American has the most magical magic galleys in the industry. You can practically shout or do jumping jacks in front of the flight deck door, and nobody will ever hear you or see you.

So I’m sitting on a nearly-empty-for-the-moment American flight out of DFW waiting for a bunch of passengers on a late-arriving connection. The flight attendants are hanging out in the magic galley gossiping about some new hires that are a particularly big deal for the airline. American has been keeping their airline well staffed through mergers and acquisitions, so they haven’t had to hire for nearly 30 years. Their flight attendants are therefore, shall we say, well seasoned.

Stewardess 1: Are you new?

Stewardess 2 (very southern drawl): Honey, do I look new?

Stewardess 1: Well…

Stewardess 2: I saw a group of them the other day. The memo said there were fourteen of them. I think they meant to say that they were fourteen.

Stewardess 1: laughs

Stewardess 2: They all looked so sharp. Serious faces, everything pressed perfectly and tucked in.

Stewardess 1: Wow.

Stewardess 2: I give them a month, and then they’ll all look just like us.

I love the magic galley. You hear the darnedest things…

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