Lentils and Lasagna

I’ve been told that the Italians have a tradition of eating lentils on New Years Day to bring them “riches” in the New Year.  However, the Sicilians insist that you should have lasagna, “for luck”.  Nick and I decided that there was no point in having riches if one was not also lucky, so I set about preparing both items.

For the lentils, I decided to make lentil soup.  Now, the one (and only) time I’ve had lentil soup was at a Tibetan restaurant about 12 years ago, so I started with this recipe from Alton Brown. I did double the recipe, used canned tomatoes, and regular pepper as I couldn’t find Grains of Paradise here.

Look Mom!  I even chopped the veggies neatly!

However, in my excitement to use canned tomatoes, I neglected to realize that the house didn’t have a can opener, which led to this:

Yes, that is a corkscrew in the background and yes, that is what I used to open the can.  Don’t judge.

Once the aromatics are soft everything else just goes into the pot:

A side-effect of my stove only having “high” and “very high” – all the liquid cooked off before the lentils were completely soft, so I had to add a bunch of water.

Once the water had cooked down I used my stick blender to mash everything up, and served with freshly grated parmesan:

It was delicious, which is a good thing, as we still have about a gallon left (lentils grow a lot – don’t double the recipe unless you are feeding the Boy Scouts).

Everyone has a lasagna recipe, so I won’t go into too much detail on that (unless requested), other than giving you a glimpse of the final product:

Buon anno!

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