Mama’s Fish House

So the joke today was that we were supposed to go to a luau, but we got our dates mixed up and it wasn’t until the following evening. Well-dressed and disappointed at our delayed dinner plans, we decided to take many recommendations we’d gotten from friends and head out to Mama’s Fish House, just outside Paia along the Hana Highway. Mama’s came well recommended. Our in-family restauranteur Brian told us it was the freshest fish on Maui.

Boy, did Mama not disappoint!

First off, the setting was absolutely beautiful. Right on the coast, Mama’s looks like a series of additions onto a shack that had grown with the business. Inside, it was all Hawaii. We had about an hour until our reservation, so we wandered up to the bar and had a few fantastic Mai Tais.


Earlier we had been trying to figure out what time to leave for our excursion on the Road to Hana, and couldn’t decide between leaving at 7:45 and 8:30. The trouble was, now our luau was on Hana day, so we had to be back in time to get ready for dinner. The fishermen wanted to leave later since we’d gotten up early that day for a boatload of disappointment. The ladies – both realists – were in favor of 7:45 or earlier. The bartender overheard our stalemate, and suggested we ought to leave closer to 4am if we wanted to see everything.

Four Fricken’ AM!!!

Needless to say, that wasn’t happening, but us guys lost the argument right quick.

We were soon seated, and faced with another problem. Everything looked delicious! We all settled on the crab-and-lobster-stuffed Mahi Mahi. It was delicious.


Midway through dinner, an Asian couple sat down a few tables away. The gentleman carefully set up the biggest camera I have ever seen on a tall tripod, aimed directly our way. He set the timer, and came back around and sat next to his wife. I leaned in so I could see the camera clearly, and made the ugliest face I could muster.

Tiff: “What on Earth are you doing?!”

Me: “Photobombing. Too good to pass up.”

Linda got really excited and joined in on the fun.

The flash went off and several tables looked around, irritated. Mr. Hugecamera got up, his smile turning quickly into a frown as he saw the resulting image. He set the timer again, and sat down, this time leaning in closely to his wife so we couldn’t be seen by the camera anymore.

Mission: Accomplished

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