Miraflores Cooking Class: Causa

We got started right away on the first dish, Causa. Causa is a potato dish that usually has meat or vegetables in it. Ours would be made with chicken.



We picked up the recipe at the potato ricer step. Despite having cooked for 30 minutes, these potatoes were still pretty hard. I had to press pretty hard to get the potatoes through.



We prepped the rest of the ingredients, and then out came the metal rings. We put down a layer of the potato mixture, being careful not to make it too thick. This was followed by one layer of avocado.


Then another layer of potato (also not too thick), followed by a layer of the chicken-mayonnaise mixture.


Finally, I put the rest of the potato on top, and promptly got yelled at for using too much potato. I scraped some off the top and removed the metal thing, resulting in this:


We then decorated with a little bit of orange pepper, parsley, and sauce. Because I had a lot of leftover potato, I made a snowman. Hey, Christmas was only a couple months away.


Each person decorated theirs differently so we’d be able to find them later. We set them aside, and started work on the cebiche.

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