Miraflores Cooking Class: Picarones

For dessert, we made picarones, which are like a pumpkin-and-sweet-potato-dough fried donut thing.


The dough had been made ahead of time and allowed to rise, so it filled a pot to the brim.


The trick to picarones is to grab a small ball of the stuff, and then press your thumb into the middle, swizzling it around so that it creates a hole and gradually grows. You have to be fast, though, otherwise it’ll fall apart into your pan of hot oil. The goal is a ring, not a mess.making_picarones_2


The syrup is then drizzled over the top, but is pretty runny so it ends up as a puddle at the bottom of your plate. It’s unbelievably sweet, so mom of course loved it!

The cooking class was a lot of fun.  We’ve done two of these now on trips and really enjoyed both of them.  Hopefully we’ll keep it up!

Whew!  That’s it for the Peru posts!  I didn’t think I had it in me.

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