Ortigia at Night

Our internet has been a little spotty, but Nick is working his magic, so it’s a bit better today (although our current setup has the wireless modem hanging from a nail on the back terrace, and if I shut the window I lose signal).

Last night was the first chance we’ve had to really walk around the island.  The village is a series of winding medieval alleyways (some of which are decorated for Christmas).

Every so often, an alley will open onto a beautiful piazza:

There is some really amazing architecture here, such as the local Duomo, which is dedicated to Santa Lucia, the patron Saint of Siracusa and Ortigia.

The really neat thing about this particular cathedral is that it was built around the Temple of Athena, and you can still see the columns of the old temple and where the Baroque facade was added:

I can’t wait to go back during the day and see the inside!

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