Packing, Packing, Packing!

Preparing for our trip to Italy has been incredibly exciting, but also quite challenging. One of the biggest things we have been struggling with is deciding what (and how) to pack.

Last time we took a long trip like this we packed EVERYTHING.  Seriously.  Our fare entitled each of us to three checked bags (weighing up to 70 pounds a piece), and we made full use of that, plus our carry-ons and personal items.  It was ridiculous.  There is nothing like pulling up to a hotel, having the bellman empty the back of your car of bags and having to tell him (as you look at the completely full cart) that there are more bags in the trunk.  Never again.

We aren’t going to be living out of our suitcases for quite as long this time (three months rather than five), and we aren’t going to be in as many climate zones, so we are paring down quite a bit. We were originally thinking of only checking one bag a piece, but decided to add one more so that we would have space for extra shoes!  All about priorities!

So our final count is three 50lb bags (yes, 50 exactly – I am a packing ninja!) along with our carry-ons and messenger bags.  We were really careful about which suitcases we used as well, so we can schlep all these items without help.

Now we just have to hope that everything fits in the rental car!

What would you pack for a trip like this?

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