Peru Day 7: Lima, Miraflores, and Cooking Class

Having spent five days in backwater Peru, it made it feel very strange to be back in Lima. We had seen nothing but mud-brick houses and ancient stone structures built nearly five hundred years ago by the Inca. Now, we were back to the concrete and glass of the big city.

And man, is Lima big.


We had another day to get to Lima, and rest and recuperate, so we didn’t do very much. I’ll spare you the details there. However, we DID plan a cooking class our last evening in Peru, so we had to prepare.

The first order of business was ironing our money.


No, I’m not kidding, and that’s the picture to prove it. Occasionally, Peruvians will take US Dollars, especially restaurants and buses and trains and so forth. However, for whatever reason, they are very choosy as to what they’ll take. Essentially, they need to be perfect, brand new dollar bills. Anything else gets a chagrined look, a shaking of the head, and the money handed back to you with a “sorry”. This had happened to us a lot by this point in the trip.

Cooking class for four was a few hundred dollars, and those were all 20’s out of the ATM. In the US. Very far away. These Jacksons needed to be perfect.

So an hour later after ironing a bunch of 20s (they smell funny when they get hot, by the way), we were ready to go.

Our cooking class was in the Miraflores neighborhood, a very hip and trendy part of Lima.


So hip it’s tilted.

Skykitchen is set up on the terrace of a Lima family’s condo. The kitchen is all open-air, with the “school” area covered and open to an uncovered balcony. It’s pretty much exactly how I want my balcony to be someday.



Sorry, I’ve got to split these up because WordPress is getting upset about all the long posts… more cooking class details to come.

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