{Tiffany enters stage right, looks around}


Looks like quite the party has been happening over here!

Not like I’m complaining – far from it! I love that Nick is writing the blog, even more than I love that Nick is now in charge of schlepping the camera everywhere we go! Frees up that much more room in my bag for shoes and lipgloss, after all.

I think maybe I just wasn’t really prepared for the…shall we say enthusiastic…shift in tone and conversation around here. Not like I ever had anything interesting to say, and Nick is a significantly better writer than I am, but man – there’s been a lot of attention given to beer, scotch, gin, cars, boobs, and more beer around here lately. It’s just one Sharpie short of a red-cup party!

(Hi Dad! We’re totally talking about holiday Starbucks cups…not…yeah…)

While I might not be great at hosting a blog, I consider myself a decent hostess otherwise. So if it’s going to be all fun and drinking games around here a bit of a change in decor is probably in order.

Not to mention the fact that Nick takes much better pictures than I do, so we should probably be showcasing them a bit more.

In an odd turn of events, I have somehow become the WordPress maven in our house (which is really, truly, terrifying), so I’m going to be spending some time over the next few days putting out the internet equivalent of fancy hors d’oeuvres and coordinated cocktail napkins. I’ll try not to break anything, but the site might look a little funny for a week or so while I click random buttons in frustration get things spruced up.

Thanks so much for reading – it’s so fun seeing the comments, and hearing people talk about the blog. I’m outrageously proud of Nick for taking this on, and truly appreciate ya’ll sharing our adventures!

– Tiffany

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