Sail Sailor Dale’s Whale Tail Sailboat Tour!

With apologies to Dr. Seuss.

Our first planned activity of the trip was a whale-watching tour of the waters off the southern coast of Maui. It was maybe a happy accident that this time of year is prime whale-watching season; we were in fact guaranteed to see a whale.

We booked our trip on one of the local boats out of Lahaina. We were on America II, a former America’s Cup sailboat that now hauls tourists around for a living. I was a little disappointed that we wouldn’t be under sail for the tour, until I realized that with all the guests on board, there was no room for the crew. I would be totally up for crewing a sailboat, but I think I was maybe one of… one that was excited about that.

Instead, our crew motored us out into the channel without a care in the world.



The girls went up to the front of the boat, and I made myself busy with the camera.

We saw whales coming up for air…


…whales flapping their tails…


…whales waving hello…



…whales kicking back and relaxing…


… and whales clapping their fins on the surface.




When the whole boat was looking off to one side looking at spouts off in the distance, another one surfaced just off the other side of the boat. I had a feeling those tricksy whaleses would try something like that, and spun my camera around quickly to take a pic.  I didn’t have a lot of time to focus though, sorry 🙁


I was hoping for the epic Pacific-Life-Whale-Flopping-Into-The-Ocean picture, but I was always too late. Clearly I don’t have a future as a wildlife photographer.

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