Sicily in Bloom

This weekend we had nice weather and nothing planned, so we took the camera for a car ride.

Mt. Etna has relapsed on her smoking habit
Mt. Etna’s relapsed on her smoking habit

It was a bit hazy, but with how green everything gets here in springtime, it’s hard to go out looking to take pictures and not find anything…

Oranges seem to always be in season around here
They never seem to pick the trees bare, just picking the ones that are ready and giving others a bit more time. The orange trees are just about always covered with oranges!

Fortunately, I’m an aspiring desktop-background photographer (or so Tiff tells me!) I found lots of opportunities to take pictures of nothing in particular.

Some spider’s been having a rough time of it

I love springtime in Sicily because there are so many flowers blooming as well!

Yellow ones…
…red and orange ones…
…and purple ones.

But there’s still Etna.  Always with the smoking.  Maybe she’s getting ready to erupt?

A sea of green in all directions. I wonder what they’re growing? It’s too leafy to be grass.
No plant’s land

But the sun eventually had to go down, and my magic hour at the end of the day was almost over.  I only had time for a couple more shots:



Bellissima, Sicilia! Grazie!

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