Treasure Trove

I’m not even really sure what a “trove” is, but that’s what people say anyway.

While I was sifting through all of our photos of our travels throughout Sicily for Monday’s post on How to Visit Italy (you have no idea how hard it is to find a photo that conveys “don’t be a douchebag”) I ran across a, well, treasure trove of great photos from our first trip that never saw the light of your computer screens.

I thought, hmm, I could cobble together a post of great pictures.


So I started putting a post together and I realized, wow, treasure troves are BIG. And I had another thought.

There are a lot of places we didn’t write about.


Caltagirone. Monreale. Cefalu. Enna. Places I know we went to repeatedly but somehow didn’t make the cut.


We made an effort to bring all our parents out that first trip so they could share that experience with us, which means we did a LOT of sightseeing. That means a LOT of pictures.


So, rather than dump them all in one post with no explanation, I’ll give them a little more attention over the next few months and share with you their story as well.

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