Try the Hassbeer

Back in college, a good friend of mine showed me a bit by Jay Mohr about ordering Budweiser in Scotland. Basically, he goes to a pub and tries to order a Bud. The bartender spittakes, and replies (in a very heavy Scottish accent):

Budweiser’s a f—er f—– beer! Try a man’s beer. Try the HASSBEER!

The house beer, as it’s pronounced outside the highland country, is known for being black, full of dirt, hair, and other unknowns, and for being particularly stout. Now that I find myself here, I feel compelled to try one.

So I did. At least, I tried. We headed over to The Cambridge, where the food was known to be very good. I tried to order a house beer.  Here’s what I got:

The closest thing to a hassbeer. Black Isle IPA.  No dirt, no hair.
The closest thing to a hassbeer. Black Isle IPA.

I had the Black Isle IPA. Now, I’m not usually an IPA drinker (in fact, put me down in the definitely not camp), but this was a very good beer. Hoppy like an IPA, but not overly so. San Diegans really like their IPA to taste like plants they’re so hoppy, but this one was much more pleasant to me. But unfortunately, it was not black, nor did it have hair, nor dirt.

Guess that means I’ll have to come back someday. Dang.

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