“Un Euro, per favore”

Although Nick and I are “cheating” by purchasing some of our groceries at the “hypermarket” in Siracusa, the majority of our shopping happens at the daily mercato.

Everything is very fresh (and tasty), although I haven’t been quite brave enough to purchase any seafood.

I don’t have pictures of the market yet, since it is a small town, and I don’t want to become “the lady with the camera” just yet!  What amazes me is that no matter what I select from each stand, the cost is always 1 Euro!

– Un chilo de patate e due cipolle, per favore

– Un Euro, Signora

– Sei uova e pane di casa, per favore

 – Un Euro, Signora

– Due broccoli e due lattuga, per favore

 – Un Euro, Signora

–  Un chilo de mandarini e uno di zucca

– Un Euro, Signora

So what do you think?  Is this a “good haul” for 4 Euros ($5.21 today) or am I getting ripped off because they don’t want to mess with giving me change?

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