Yeah Japan!

Well, I suppose first of all an apology is in order. There has been a nearly two-month delay since I last wrote. Life has been pretty busy with mundane things, so there hasn’t been a whole lot to write about. Unless you really want to know how I do laundry (Protip: iron your shirts straight out of the wash and they’ll hang-dry a lot faster AND be wrinkle free!)

Earlier, I advertised that I had found a lot of photos of Sicily to share. However, the longer I’ve been back in the US, the more I reminisce about our time there, the more I long for the sense of community that only a town full of nosy Italians can provide. The reality that we won’t be going back – at least, not for work – has settled in, but that only makes me want to go back more. It won’t be long until I’m again researching Italian residency requirements and wondering what kind of job I could get to pay the bills while I’m renovating an old Sicilian manor house in the middle of nowhere.

Basically, I’m a lost cause.

So it seemed a little irresponsible to be posting pictures of somewhere I’d really rather be. Hence, no posts.

You don’t realize it until you’re looking through pictures, but man the air in Los Angeles is gross!

Anyways, Internet, we’re back in action! We’re a couple days into a two-week tour of North Asia – mostly Japan, but with a little Taiwan mixed in as well. We have my mom in tow, so a significant percentage of blog readers are coming along! She’s pretty excited, though I’m not sure yet how excited she is about eating in Japan. Time will tell. If there’s anything I’ve learned throughout my travels, it’s that if you’re hungry enough, anything is edible.

I’ve been having a lot of fun explaining some of what to expect when we get there, and I’m proud of her for being brave.

I’ll leave it at that for now, write to you again soon!

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